Conférence-midi – Towards Sustainable Mobility in China: Opportunities and Challenges


Conférence-midi (en anglais)- Towards Sustainable Mobility in China: Opportunities and Challenges

Par Becky LOO, professeur au Département de géographie et directrice de l’Institut d’études en transports à l’Université de Hong Kong

In this seminar, Professor Becky P.Y. Loo will view the transport sustainability issues from the developing countries’ perspective. She will begin by reviewing the current mobility baselines in China in the three key pillars of environmental, economic and social sustainability through international comparisons. Then, with a time frame of 2030, she will examine geographical diversities within the country, and group cities according to their common sustainable mobility challenges. Finally, a systematic attempt is made to explore the opportunities and constraints of introducing a range of emerging sustainable mobility solutions available both through statistical analysis and detailed fieldwork. The primary focus is placed on China, where most of the documentary search, data analysis and fieldwork have been carried out. Nonetheless, it is believed that the lessons are relevant to other developing countries which share similar unsustainable transport challenges caused by a combination of factors, including a low-income base, a large population, and rapid income growth, motorization and urbanization in a relatively short time span in history, especially over recent decades. Through adopting an analytical research framework, emerging solutions are systematically presented, discussed and examined for their feasibility and desirability within the specific local and geographical contexts. 

Cette activité aura lieu le lundi 25 août 2014 à midi, au local FAS-1613. Le pavillon Félix-Antoine-Savard (FAS) est situé au 2325, rue des Bibliothèques, sur le campus de l’Université Laval.

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