Conférence-midi du CRAD : ER2 : An interactive web-based application for natural hazard risk assessment

Pavillon Félix-Antoine-Savard-local 1613

ER2 : An interactive web-based application for natural hazard risk assessment

Par Miroslav NASTEV, Chercheur scientifique, Ressources naturelles Canada , Commission géologique du Canada

While Canada is exposed to a variety of natural hazards, most emergency managers currently lack the necessary tools and guidance to adequately undertake rigorous assessments of negative impacts (physical damage, economic and social losses) and their likelihood (risk assessment). Unlike computer models for complex risk assessments intended for use by a small number of scientists and technical experts, user-friendly web-based application is being developed referred to as Rapid Risk Evaluator (ER2). It combines spatial distribution of hazard intensity, inventory of exposed assets and respective vulnerability models accessible through a simple selection process based on intuitive step-by-step prompts. It enables non-expert users from the public safety community to conveniently combine the provided ready-to-use information in order to create various risk scenarios for quantification of negative impacts, to prepare appropriate emergency and mitigation plans and to conduct training exercises. Running otherwise complex risk scenarios in a simple, visual environment assures direct communication and understanding of own exposure and vulnerability. ER2 is envisioned as the “official federal platform” and a hub for multiple hazard and risk assessments. Currently, the earthquake module is operational, while flood and wildfire modules are in development. The application will be freely accessible through internet with no need for any commercial software or advanced GIS and engineering knowledge.

*****La conférence sera donnée en français*****

Cette conférence ouverte à tous aura lieu le  17 janvier 2019 à midi, au local FAS-1613.

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